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2015 "Top Rated" Online Work at Home

SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group

SFI Marketing Group is a US based company. It is also an online affiliate network program, which provides you with a business opportunity and everything you need to be successful. It is powered by it’s own online store - TripleClicks which is backed with real products and services.
Therefore, this is NOT a scam, NOT a pyramid scheme and NOT a get-rich-quick program. SFI works if we do!
SFI is a simple business opportunity to join! It is a program that can be done by anyone, and at any time of the day. NO experience needed. Training and support is provided for free. SFI is known for its reliability and profitability:


- Rock solid Company since 1998
- Highest “Better Business Bureau” rating: A+
- Backed by real products and services.


- Six income streams to earn from
- Small investment and time required
- No limit on earning potential


1. Accumulating VersaPoints - Start earning money by accumulating VersaPoints
2. Generation Sales - Increase your earnings by generating sales at
3. Building a Team - Maximize your income with sponsoring and duplication
To build a successful SFI business you can decide to do all 3 -- OR -- 1 and 2 -- OR -- 1 and 3.  Our Training covers 1 and 3 (Accumulating VersaPoints and Building a Team), which are both covered in our Team Building Plan.

Team Building Plan:

The main aim of SFI Associate Training Center is to provide training and support for Team Building, in building a successful SFI Business. We focus on sponsoring, training and supporting active team members (affiliates).  A chain is as week as it weakest link.  In other words, a team is as weak as its weakest member.  In order to build a strong and profitable team, each team member is required to follow the same simple Three-Step Plan and the easy to follow Five-Month Plan.  To learn more about these plans Click HERE after reading all the information on this page.

*** Requirements for SUCCESS with Team Building ***

You could turn 74 US$ into or more than 5000 US$ with NO selling! You don't need to have a visa/master card - learn more about TCurrency later in this training.
1. Join our SFI Team. If you are not yet a member of our SFI Team Register to join
2. Invest 74 US$ ($36.25 or $28.35 in month 1 and $36.25 in month 2) - to qualify as a Fast Track Member (in first 10 days) and quality as a Team Leader (from your first month).  Information will be provided on the benefits of qualifying as a Fast Track Member and a Team Leader during training online or  in-person.  
3. Invest 1 to 2 hours per day or most days to build your SFI Business
4. Follow the simple 3-step plan (that you will receive during training)
5. Attend and complete free training sessions (online or in-person)
6. Start taking action from your first day and keep taking actions
7. Set your goals and be patient and persistent in achieving them
NO selling required for this Option! NO hidden Requirements!
NO experience needed! Training provided free (online and/or in-person)

*** Our Outline for Team Building ***

1 - Accumulating VersaPoints
VersaPoints (VPs) are gained from doing the actions outlined on the To-Do List at your SFI Affiliate Center. VPs are used to determine your rank and the amount you can earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool.  There are two types of VPs - Action VersaPoints (AVPs) and Sales/Purchases VersaPoints (SVPs).   The table below outlines the VersaPoints (both AVPs and SVPs) requirements for each rank in SFI and the number of levels deep that you can earn from. 
SFIRanksJun2015-02 - Invest by making purchases at TripleClicks
To accumulate Sales/Purchases VersaPoints (SVPs) you can generate sales and/or make your own purchases.  Making your own purchases can be seen as an investment, because you get SVPs which is required to advance in rank without having to generate sales.  For most persons, making purchases is much easier than generating sales.  At TripleClicks, there is a wide range of products to choose from. Most affiliates purchase TCredits or do transfer purchases.  TCreditscan be used at TripleClicks to buy other products, participate in games, biding in penny auctions and more.  Transfer purchase is buying the products that they would usually buy else where at TripleClicks instead. That way you get the products that they would usually buy else where from TripleClicks, while building your SFI business without have to spend extra cash for the month.
How to invest the 74 US$
In month one (in first 10 days) - Purchase on Standing Order the "125 Pack TCredits" for $36.25US or 15 Single TCredits for $28.35US
By doing this, you will qualify as a Gold Fast Track Member and it will also help you to qualify as a Team Leader (TL).
In month two - Do the same as in month one. Purchase on Standing Order the "125 Pack TCredits" for $36.25US
By doing this, it will help you to qualify as a Team Leader (TL) in your second month.
In the following months - still maintaining your Standing Order for the "125 Pack TCredits"
By doing this, it will help you to maintain your Team Leader (TL) rank. If you follow the Three-Step Plan and the Five-Month Plan as outlined in training, from month three you should be able to pay for this Standing Order from your income at SFI and not out of pocket.  As your sponsor/upline, it is my role to help you build your successful SFI Business.
3 - Maximize your income with sponsoring and duplication
Sponsoring and duplication is main way to maximize your income at SFI.  The magic number being 5. You sponsor 5 active affiliates and they also sponsor their 5 active affiliates and so on.  For building a strong team, the simple Three-Step Plan is used as a guide: (1) Qualify as a  TL each month (2) Sponsor 5 serious affiliates (3) Teach your 5 serious affiliates to do these same three steps - make sure to invite your affiliates to our Training Center.
The more active affiliates in your downline (whether you sponsor them or not) - the more your can earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool. You can earn commission from matching VersaPoints of all your downlines who are Executive Affiliates 2 (EA2s) and Team Leaders (TLs) on 12 levels deep (See last column of table above). The table below outlines the income projections of 6 levels for the Three-Step Plan. 
As a Fast Track Member - your income is increased by 10% (see last column).

 *** Expected Income with Team Building *** 

Based on the income projections above - as a BTL, you could be earning up to or more than 5000US$ monthly income in 6 months of starting program, by following and successfully executing all the Requirements for SUCCESS with Team Building listed above.

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Free and easy way to make money with sfi

Free and easy way to make money with sfi

Penny Auctions


How to take part in Penny Auctions:

To bid you first need to have TCredits. Purchase TCredits from TripleClicks, one for as low as $0.29. Each bid is for one TCredit and 1 AVP is also give if you are an SFI affiliate.  If you are not yet an affiliate of SFI,Click HERE join now.
1) Go to TripleClicks
2) Purchase TCredits (one for as low as $0.29), if you don't have any.  To purchase TCredits Click HERE and then login to TripleClicks.  Recommended: 125 Pack TCredits.
3) Go to the Auctions Center by clicking "Auctions" on the TripleClicks menu bar.  To go to Auction Center Click HERE and then login to bid.
4) Select the auction that you wish to take part in
5) Start biding.
Have FUN and aim to WIN!

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