Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 "Top Rated" Online Work at Home

I just wanted to let you know that Strong Future International(SFI) is a top rated Internet business. With over 55,000 products it is no wonder that their affiliates are creating a real income with this. What makes SFI so different is the fact that we do not sell "opportunity" but real consumer products. SFI even has its very own advertising co-op where the affiliates are allowed to purchase shares in this and their advertising is handled for them automatically. Not many online businesses will advertise for you, this is usually left up to you to figure out for yourself. So if you are interested in a real homebased business come visit SFI and see if this might not be what you have been looking for all along! ,

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free and easy way to make money with sfi

Free and easy way to make money with sfi

-first step, please complete your SFI PATH

-Each Month:
Make either Retail Sales or buy SFI products, or both, so that you qualify for the rank level of Executive Affiliate (EA)

-Help your Team advance in rank and collect ever-increasing Business Builder Bonuses (as you advance in rank) for quick up-front income

-Each Week:
Introduce SFI's Business Opportunity and the high quality, money-saving, SFI products to as many people as you can. Try some SFI products yourself. Also, advise every one of your SFI Affiliates to transfer to SFI what they buy now elsewhere, so they will have the Sales Volume Points (SVPs) they need with no extra SFI expenses

-Right Now:
Register for SFI's Forum read the New DBoard Member Announcement, begin searching the Board for information you want to know, and post any SFI related questions or information you want to share.

-Every Day:
Use the valuable Free help, ideas, and tips you will find at the Discussion Board and SFI's excellent Free Mrketing Training and Resources and Free Reports to quickly expand your new SFI Business. By doing just these simple things as much as you can, you will soon be doing very well with SFI, building a strong future for yourself with a Secure Home Business you can be proud of, and best of all - banking your monthly income!

-Add your photo
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